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"This email course needs to be in every GrowthHacker’s intro course-load." Logan S.

Most programming courses focus on teaching you how to be a developer, build your own website, make an app, or set up a WordPress blog.

While this might be helpful, it doesnt help you become a better marketer.

In this free course, we’ll cover 7 technical topics that you should know to become a more technical (and more valuable) marketer. You’ll learn:

Lesson 1: How to set up a viral referral campaign to acquire thousands of customers at no cost

Lesson 2: How to acquire 50k+ Twitter followers: Use scripts to automatically acquire customers

Lesson 3: How to use tools and scripts to capture more emails and engage your signups

Lesson 4: How to hack PR to maximize your exposure

Lesson 5: How to use SQL to acquire more customers and run more profitable campaigns

Lesson 6: How to scrape any blog to optimize your next post

Lesson 7: How to leverage APIs to gather data on your best customers and leads

And much more…

When I started running growth at Exceptional, a developer tools SaaS company, I was not technical in any way. After more than two years becoming a technical marketer, I can now program better than 98% of marketers, and am much more valuable as a result. Ive used my technical ability to develop profitable campaigns that pull in millions of dollars in revenue, sell 15k+ copies of Traction book, and teach 8000+ marketers how to use SQL.

In this free email course, you’ll learn technical skills to make you a much more proficient (and well-paid) marketer. Stop waiting on developers to pull data on marketing campaigns, or make basic changes to your website. Once you can accomplish these tasks on your own, youll be able to move faster and run more profitable campaigns.

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